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Staying Calm & Cool- NJSOC Summer Archers Are Focused!

Archery can challenge students mentally and physically as the eyes, brain and body must all work in combination. On this 3rd session of the Super Summer Program, our students upped their skills and gathered focus for a new set of fun challenges like the tic-tac-toe competition and our Coach’s festive

Summer Archery sizzles @NJSOC!

Yesterday, July 9th, our youth and adult Summer Archery programs began under the leadership and guidance of Ruth & John Goralski, our Level III Certified Coaches. The improvements to posture, stance and manual agility were already showing in our students who were scoring bullseyes by the end of the program!

We welcomed the students of Bedminster Township Schools back to NJSOC!

It was a day of new experiences and hands-on ecological education for the 6th graders of Bedminster Township on June 7th! The students participated in a busy day of canoeing, water ecology, archery, metal smithing and fishing in Lake Wapalanne. The beautiful day culminated with dinner around the campfire at

Kent Place School Joins NJSOC for Environmental Education Field Trip

The NJ School of Conservation was very proud to welcome the 5th graders of Kent Place School to our campus for a day of learning and fun! The students got to experience hands-on instruction in areas such as Wildlife Ecology, Archery, Canoeing, Water Ecology and Fishing, while being outdoors in

Spring Archery Students Graduate!

In four weeks, under the careful guidance of our Coaches, Ruth and John, these students progressed so much! We saw an increase in confidence, strength and accuracy with several different types of bows and at increasing distances. It was a real treat to watch this growth, and we hope the

Spring Fling Archers are hitting their mark!

At the NJ School of Conservation, on Saturday, May 14th, six of our current Spring Fling students all progressed to landing bullseyes and/or piercing balloons at competition level placing! Consistency is the name of the game in Archery and their practice is paying off. We are so proud of their

Spring Archery has sprung (or is it twanged?)@NJSOC!

We are all so pleased to share some pictures of our newest class of archers in our adult Spring Fling Program at the NJ School of Conservation! This group got an amazing start on Saturday, May 30th under the guidance of Ruth & John, our Class 3 Coaches/Instructors. This week’s

2022 Spring Fling Archery Program (Adults, 14+)

Explore Archery! This class will include basic archery skills, fun drills, and archery games. You pull back the bowstring. You stare downrange at the bullseye. Release! The arrow flies away and plunges into the target. Bullseye! Join the fun! Participants will be taught by USA Archery certified instructors. We will