Jim Fiola

Jim Fiola graduated from Morris Harvey College (now the University of Charleston) with a BA in History. In the early 70’s, he and his wife caught the spirit of the “back to the land” movement, living in tent for 9 months while building their own cabin without electricity, and growing all their own food. A fire that destroyed the cabin ended their homesteading experiment, but led to a crossroads that changed Jim’s life. He became a professional woodworker and participated in juried and award-winning craft shows for 45 years. Jim has also shared his life experience with Sussex County Community College students in a course entitled, “How to Make a Living Being An Artist”. Later he taught sustainability to third through fifth grade students at Merriam Avenue Elementary School, where he and his students planted a school garden, harvested the food, and sold it at a school market.

Jim’s dedication to environmental issues and learning has naturally led him to the NJSOC, where he is excited to help connect young and older people alike to the past and the outdoor world.